BBC Science Documentary – Cannabis

Do you use cannabis regularly? Are you off to Amsterdam to smoke it legally? Do you think smoking a spliff regularly in the UK should be treated no differently to regular pints down the pub? Do you smoke with your friends? Think it helps creativity? Helps you de-stress? We know that there are positive effects‚Ķ Read More »

PHP Forum

The forum is down, I have pulled down the forum because people were just using the site as a way to spam, So the site is now down until I do a new forum with more security!! launch will be soon

Next planned trip to Amsterdam 26th May

Just started to book a trip to Amsterdam for 4 people, check out¬†used these the last two times and the service has been great, i would hate to get to the hotel and find that there is no hotel room booked for us, thank god that has not happen to us.¬† I always¬†phone the‚Ķ Read More »